Brazil World Cup Schedule

There are still some qualifying games left before the 2014 Brazil World Cup schedule is complete, but some teams have already claimed their spot in the World Cup. Among those teams is the Netherlands, Italy, and Team USA.

A rocky start to international play has turned into a wonderful stretch for the Americans. Surprisingly the opposite can be said for North American counterpart Mexico. Team Mexico is on the verge of elimination and faces the first World Cup absence since the nation was banned from competition in 1990. Team USA now appears to be the strongest representative from North America. Jurgen Klinsmann has the Americans playing better than ever and it would be nice to see them make a legitimate run in the 2014 World Cup.

In light of the recent Team USA World Cup qualification, I have prepared a look at the World Cup schedule as the tournament in Brazil grows closer to a reality. Please note that we do not know where each team will be playing yet. That information will become available after the World Cup draw in December. The one thing we do know is that Team Brazil should be A1 and will play the opening match in Sao Paulo.

World Cup Schedule by Date
Round Robin: Game 1 (June 12-17)
MatchDateGameHost City
1June 12Brazil vs CroatiaSao Paulo
2June 13Mexico vs CameroonNatal
3June 13Spain vs NetherlandsSalvador
4June 13Chile vs AustraliaCuiaba
5June 14Colombia vs GreeceBelo Horizonte
6June 14Ivory Coast vs JapanRecife
7June 14Uruguay vs Costa RicaFortaleza
8June 14England vs ItalyManaus
9June 15Switzerland vs EcuadorBrasilia
10June 15France vs HondurasPorto Alegre
11June 15Argentina vs BosniaRio De Janeiro
12June 16Iran vs NigeriaCuritiba
13June 16Germany vs PortugalSalvador
14June 16Ghana vs USANatal
15June 17Belgium vs AlgeriaBelo Horizonte
16June 17Russia vs Korea RepublicCuiaba
Round Robin: Game 2 (June 17-22)
MatchDateGameHost City
17June 17Brazil vs MexicoFortaleza
18June 18Croatia vs CameroonManaus
19June 18Spain vs ChileRio De Janeiro
20June 18Netherlands vs AustraliaPorto Alegre
21June 19Colombia vs Ivory CoastBrasilia
22June 19Greece vs JapanNatal
23June 19Uruguay vs EnglandSao Paulo
24June 20Costa Rica vs ItalyRecife
25June 20Switzerland vs FranceSalvador
26June 20Ecuador vs HondurasBrasilia
27June 21Argentina vs IranBelo Horizonte
28June 21Bosnia vs NigeriaCuiaba
29June 21Germany vs GhanaFortaleza
30June 22Portugal vs USAManaus
31June 22Belgium vs RussiaRio De Janeiro
32June 22Algeria vs Korea RepublicPorto Alegre
Round Robin: Game 3 (June 23-26)
MatchDateGameHost City
33June 23Brazil vs. CameroonBrasilia
34June 23Croatia vs. MexicoRecife
35June 23Spain vs. AustraliaCuritiba
36June 23Netherlands vs. ChileSao Paulo
37June 24Columbia vs JapanCuiaba
38June 24Greece vs. Ivory CoastFortaleza
39June 24Uruguay vs. ItalyNatal
40June 24Costa Rica vs. EnglandBelo Horizonte
41June 25Switzerland vs. HondurasManaus
42June 25Ecuador vs. FranceRio De Janeiro
43June 25Argentina vs. NigeriaPorto Alegre
44June 25Bosnia vs. IranSalvador
45June 26Germany vs. USARecife
46June 26Portugal vs. GhanaBrasilia
47June 26Belgium vs. Korea RepublicSao Paulo
48June 26Algeria vs. RussiaCuritiba
Round of 16: Game 4 (June 28-July 1)
MatchDateGameHost City
49June 281A vs 2BBelo Horizonte
50June 281C vs 2DRio De Janeiro
51June 291B vs 2AFortaleza
52June 291D vs 2CRecife
53June 301E vs 2FBrasilia
54June 301G vs 2HPorto Alegre
55July 11F vs 2ESao Paulo
56July 11H vs 2GSalvador
Quarterfinals: Game 5 (July 4-5)
MatchDateGameHost City
57July 4W49 vs W50Fortaleza
58July 4W53 vs W54Rio De Janeiro
59July 5W51 vs W52Salvador
60July 5W55 vs W56Brasilia
Semifinals: Game 6 (July 8-9)
MatchDateGameHost City
61July 8W57 vs W58Belo Horizonte
62July 9W59 vs W60Sao Paulo
Finals: Game 7 (July 12-13)
MatchDateGameHost City
63July 12Third Place MatchBrasilia
64July 13World Cup Final MatchRio De Janeiro

Congrats to the teams who have already qualified and are now examining this World Cup schedule. Is it too much to ask for Team USA to make the final in Rio? Perhaps but go big or go home right?

I don't know about you but I'm getting excited just talking about the World Cup! I will be one of the millions anxiously waiting to hear where each team will be playing and who their group opponents will be.

Who do you think is the favorite to win the 2014 Brazil World Cup?

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