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Access our Travel Agent Education and Resource Center to learn more about the sports travel packages your clients would like to purchase. One out of every 4 people will attend a sporting event this year making Sports Tourism one of the fastest growing markets in the world today. Tap into this growing market and expand your product offerings to your clientele. 

We can help. Sports Traveler specializes in sports travel - that's all we do. Our dedication to our specialty is your advantage. Let us teach you how to best offer your clients sports travel packages and sports vacations. Make great sales and retain even more clients! 

  Download Sales Resources  

Download Sales Resources 

Please click on the following links to view and download PDF materials.
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2019 Daytona 500

Daytona 500 Agent Brochure

2019 Masters Golf Tournament Travel Agent Guide

Masters Golf Tournament Agent Brochure 

2019 Kentucky Derby Travel Agent Guide

Kentucky Derby Agent Brochure

2018 NFL Regular Season

2018 NFL Regular Season Agent Brochure

Super Bowl Travel Agent Programs

2019 Atlanta Super Bowl Agent Brochure