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Mobile Ticketing Questions and Help

Important Information about Mobile Tickets

Most leagues and sporting events are now offering tickets as mobile-entry only. This presents fans with a new way to store and use their tickets. Below are some of the most common questions people have about how to use their mobile tickets. 





Q: What type of devices can a mobile ticket be transfers to?

A: Mobile tickets require a smart-phone with internet access to use. 


Q: Can I use my flip-phone to access a mobile ticket?

A: No, only a smart phone can be used for mobile tickets?


Q: I don't have a smart-phone. How can I obtain my tickets in paper form?

A: Call our office immediately, if you have purchased a mobile ticket from us but don't have a smart phone. In some cases, the venue can print a paper ticket on the day of the event. 


Q: Do I have to download anything to my phone to use a mobile ticket?

A: Yes, you will have to download an "App". The name of the App will vary based on the ticket you have purchased. Note that each sporting event venue may have different Mobile Ticketing providers they are affiliated with. The name of the venues Mobile Ticketing provider will be listed when you receive your email notification. From that email, you will find a link to either the App Store for Iphones or the Google Play Store to download the appropriate App.