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  • Sports Traveler Guides

    Sports Traveler Guides

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel to a Super Bowl, a Final Four, or maybe even a NASCAR race? We proudly announce the start of Sports Traveler Guides - Your best resource for sports travel information. Read...
    September 25, 2006More
  • Your Very Basic Guide to Super Bowl XLI

    Your Very Basic Guide to Super Bowl XLI

    Travel to the 2007 Super Bowl will never be dull. The home of the Miami Dolphins is hosting the 2007 Super Bowl XLI on February 4th at Dolphin Stadium. Seating up to 75,000 sports fans, this game is going to be an experience...
    September 25, 2006More
  • Rugby anyone?

    Rugby anyone?

      In this perticular video, you see the "All Blacks", a New Zealand rugby team, doing the "haka."  The haka,  aparently is a native dance of New Zealand that many rugby teams do, but the All Blacks are famous for.  ...
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  • Virtual Road Trip Wrap-up

    Virtual Road Trip Wrap-up

    This NFL Road Trip has been a blast so far! We started out in 'Nawlins', had some gumbo, talked about the Saints and had an aweome time. Then Angelo and I headed just northeast to Charlotte, North Carolina. We met with...
    September 25, 2006More
  • Look at us now!

    Look at us now!

    Hey STR fans (present and future),  So we started our podcast a couple months ago, and I thought THAT was cool, but look at us now!  We have a blog!  I'm not completely sure I know what a "blog" is exactly, but is pretty...
    September 25, 2006More

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