What to Wear to the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks

The Kentucky Derby and Oaks are considered to be the fashion and sporting events of the year. If you are attending our Horse Farm Tours on Friday, we have also included suggestions below.

Women’s Fashion Suggestions:
Oaks and Derby Day at the track

• Dresses - florals, colors, knee or longer lengths are popular. 

• Suits - skirt or pants suits in vibrant colors 

• Hats and Fascinators - a must for every lady. 

◦ Plain hats can be decorated with fake flowers (roses etc) found at craft stores. 

◦ Fascinators are similar to a headband or a light comb and fit comfortably into hair. They are available on Amazon and other online stores.

• Shoes - the majority of the pavement areas at Churchill Downs are paver stone walkways, and very uneven. Choose shoes that will be stable with wider heels. 

• Purses - Churchill Downs has a strict bag policy, nothing larger than 12” x 6” x 12” 

• Don’t forget the pocket size disposable ponchos in case it rains. Pack at least 3 - one for your purse, hat, and yourself. 

Kentucky Derby Travel Fashion

Men’s Fashion Suggestions:
Oaks and Derby Day at the track

• Suits - linen, colors, plaid sport coats in vibrant colors

• Ties - horse themed, floral, pink, or vibrant prints or bowties 

• Shirts - colors or stripes. 

• Pants - dress, light weight, light colors

• Hats - panama style (woven) or colored fedora shape

• Shoes - dressy, but comfortable. Keep in mind walkways are mostly pavers and uneven. 

Kentucky Derby Horse Farm Tour

Friday Horse Farm Tour Day (if applicable to your tour purchase)
• Jeans or comfortable pants
• Jacket in case of inclement weather
• Comfortable walking shoes. Keep in mind that we will be walking on grassy and gravel areas

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