Ohio State Fans Best Bet is to Book Early

With a the BCS Championship game almost a full 7 weeks away from the date the Ohio State Buckeyes qualified for their chance at a National Championship, fans may think that time is on their side for making reservations and buying their tickets. But my best advice is for fans to try to get their plans finalized the sooner the better. The reason: Availability.

Sports Traveler has already seen some packages sell out and ticket prices are beginning to go up. The demand for this game will be high and fans should be prepared for additional price increases in the coming weeks as those coveted National Championship tickets continue to go up.

Fans near to or in the Columbus area should consider an Air Included Ohio State travel package. Chartered airplanes have been reserved for fans departing Columbus, Ohio for 2 or 3 night stays in the Phoenix area. The area is laid back and full of beautiful desert scenery in every direction.

Land Only travel packages are also available. These packages will be in short supply as most tour package hotel inventory is being held for the Air Included packages which are expected to be in higher demand. If you are not traveling from Columbus, you should book your land only package right away. Tonight's first look at airfares from our travel desk look high. Many non-stop fares starting well over $1000 but some 1-stop fares were starting at $400. Sports Traveler has a full service travel desk to help assist you with air travel and rental car. Call 1-888-654-7755. Airfares will continue to climb in price, the longer you wait.

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