Last Minute Dash for BCS Championship Travel

Ah, the Bowl season. The controversy continues with the BCS. With Michigan making a quick jump to the Rose Bowl and Florida jumping into the BCS Championship Game, fans have had to make some unexpected changes in their travel plans. And for some fans, their teams bowl bid turned their travel plans into no plans at all.

Michigan fans traveling to the Rose Bowl can expect great availability for packages and tickets and not many fellow Wolverine Fans joining you in Pasadena. Sales for the Rose Bowl have been modest at best as it seems that most Wolverine Fans are choosing to stay home in the winter weather of Michigan rather than travel to California. Why the change of heart? Well, it seems Michigan fans are just plain 'Bummed Out' over their team not being in the Championship game.

Florida fans on the other hand are more excited than ever. The unfortunate thing for Gator fans is there is not much availability left in Phoenix for the Championship weekend. They can thank the Ohio State fans for having the early jump on buying up all the hotel rooms and packages. Airfare are running $700+ from most Florida cities and Sports Traveler is not offering any chartered air packages like we did for the Ohio State Fans. Gator fans have now been reduced to Last Minute Travelers with all the headaches of finding cheap airfare and leftover availability.

(1) Book your BCS Championship package or ticket as soon as possible. Waiting will end up costing you more. There will not be any 11th hour discounts as most everything is already close to selling out.

(2) Stay an extra night or two. Checking out on the 10th or 11th, rather than the 9th will open up cheaper flight options and more availability. An extra night may only run $100 extra a person and could save you several hundreds of dollars on flights. Our full service travel desk can assist you with any airfare request. Call 1-888-654-7755.

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