Invitation to contribute to 'Sports Traveler - Chicago' book

I have recently completed a book devoted to traveling to Chicago for sporting events. The book is called Sports Traveler – Chicago (Lake Claremont Press) and it will be in bookstores nationwide in February 2009.

I am in the final editing process and wanted to reach out to all Chicago Sports Fans to ask if you would like to contribute to the book in a special section called “Chicago Fan Memories”.

Do you have a special memory of the first time you walked through the gates at Wrigley Field or Soldier Field? Do you have a favorite place that you visited while in Chicago that you would like to share with your fellow sports fans? Post it here and maybe we will pick your memory for the book!



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One thought on “Invitation to contribute to 'Sports Traveler - Chicago' book”

  • Bill H.

    I was at the Bears/Falcons in ’05 with my girlfriend and it was 3rd coldest game in Soldier Field history. My girlfriend was crying because her face hurt so bad from the cold. She wanted to leave early and I told her “Babe, I will break up with you before I leave this game early”. Needless to say we are no longer together. But I will forever use that as a gauge whether to stay in a relationship.

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