It's Here! Our new 2010 Winter Games Travel Programs

We have our 2010 Winter Games Travel Programs ready to book and online! Check it all out on our 2010 Winter Games Planning Page. This is by far the largest tour program we have ever put together and after our Beijing 2008 Olympics program, I didn't think it was possible to do something bigger... But we have!

There are so many different travel ideas when planning your trip to see the Vancouver Games in 2010. Many that I didn't even consider until now. How about taking a "Snow Train" across Canada into Vancouver, stopping along the way in Jasper for some skiing and maybe a spa day? Or maybe fly to Vancouver with one of our Air Inclusive Winter Games Packages and side trip to Lake Louise for some post Olympic R&R? Our Vancouver Winter Games Side Trips can be custom designed to fit your adventure level. Whether you are ready to go hurling down a Canadian mountain on ski's and a snowboard or if you are just up for a horse drawn sleigh ride, we can set it up for you.

While in Vancouver, enjoy all the events and maybe even take time out to tour the city. Did you know that Vancouver is home to one of the largest Chinese populations in Canada? Explore this diverse city and take in all the splendor of the Canadian Rockies with one fantastic trip of a lifetime.

I can hardly wait to tour Vancouver in a few weeks and post updates about my adventures as we prepare for what should be an incredible time in 2010!

- anbritt

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  • Frank

    Vancouver is a great sports town to host the Olympics. You should also mention the Stanley Park. Its bigger than Central Park in NY.

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