World Series Travel Update

Cold weather had you St. Louis fan's shivering in Detroit but fan's heading to St. Louis can expect better weather and a great city waiting to greet you. The second World Series in 3 years for St. Louis has Cardinal's fans glad to be along for the ride. The St. Louis Cardinals have a brand new ballpark with a great feel for the traditional baseball fan. Cardinals fans call it "Baseball Heaven". It's a special place that has great amenities and pre-game festivities. The downtown area of St. Louis has recently undergone a renovation. Gone are most of the run down buildings and replacing them fans will find new hotels, eclectic restaurants, and fine shopping areas. Be sure to check out Union Station home to great eats and bars in a cool little setting along side a pond and old trains. A Hyatt hotel is built within this complex.

A can't miss is the Arch. But expect to spend minimum 1 hour or more waiting in line to take the 60 minute tour to the top. If you don't get there really early in the morning you will get behind all the school groups and senior bus trips...expect up to a 2 hour wait. Pressed for time or not a big history buff? You may just want to park and take a photo. It's pretty impressive to stand under and you get a nice view of the Mississippi River. If you do go inside, there is a nice little museum and a movie theater giving you the history of the area. The Louis and Clark movie is very cool, never boring.

Plan on renting a car. The area isn't very walk able. Cab fare was surprisingly expensive and parking was also high for a small city. We also had big problems finding a cab once we were dropped off at our restaurant. After speaking to a local we found out that there aren't many cabs in the city to begin with and our problem was pretty common.

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Sports Traveler's Top Picks
Best Attraction: The Arch
Best Restaurant: Tony's Restaurant, Italian, blocks from the Arch since 1946.
Best Hotel: The Westin - right across the street from the ballpark
Avoid: Just outside of the downtown area. The neighborhood goes downhill pretty fast.

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