Planning your Corporate Outing to the Masters

Taking your clients or top sales associates to The Masters Golf Tournament will not only impress them but also help build relationships that could last the lifetime of your business. But beginning to plan a trip to the most famous golf tournament in the world can also be intimidating. I've been planning corporate outings to the Masters for the past 11 years for clients from all across the globe. Here are my top tips when planning your Corporate Outing to The Masters...

  1. Determine your budget
    A corporate trip to The Masters can easily get out of hand if you are not planning properly. The most expensive rounds to purchase Masters Ticketsare typically Saturday and Sunday's rounds. A better alternative is planning a mid-week trip to include both the Practice Rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday's Par-3 Tournament as well as the Tournament Rounds on Thursday and Friday. Your guests will get the opportunity to watch and interact with the players (even take pictures!) during the Practice Rounds and then watch the serious Opening Rounds of tournament.

    A spectacular 5-bedroom rental home in Augusta

  2. Decide your lodging - Hotel Rooms vs. Private Home Rental
    This is by far your most critical decision when planning to take a group to the Masters. The best value for your dollar will be to rent a Masters private home. However, there are some drawbacks including privacy and comfort of your guests to consider before you make this choice. I had a client recently tell me that although he enjoyed the money saved when he rented a large private home for his party the previous year, some of his guests said they felt awkward about being in the same home with people that they are usually only accustomed to seeing at the office. This year he chose to book his guests in hotel rooms and avoid any uncomfortable situations at a home. One advantage of having private housing is the ability to have a chef come in and take care of all your meals for your group. This presents a great opportunity to build a relationship with your guests without the crowds or noise of a restaurant.

    Inside the 1018 Club Hospitality Club

  3. Hospitality Club Passes or not?
    If you are renting a private home during the Masters and also having a chef cater your breakfast and dinner, then passes to a Hospitality Club may be a little redundant. But if you are choosing to lodge in a hotel or not cater your meals, then a Masters Hospitality Pass is a must. We have chosen the two best clubs in all of Augusta and offer two price points to fit any budget. The Lodge on Heath is closest to the gate 9 entrance at Augusta National and the 1018 Club is on Azalea Drive (about a 2 min. shuttle ride to the gate). Both offer excellent continuous fine dining throughout the day, unlimited top shelf liquor, entertainment, and more. Having all your meals taken care of and having the opportunity to dine with your guests in a first-class private atmosphere is well worth the investment of the passes.

There are so many options that we can put together for your Corporate Outing to The 2012 Masters Golf Tournament that I would love to share with you. Let us take care of all the planning and allow you to sit back and enjoy the benefits of this trip to your business. Call Sports Traveler at 1-888-654-7755 ext. 100 or ext. 101 to get started.

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