Tips on Attending the US Open

The first round of the US Open Golf Tournament begins today at Congressional Golf Course in Bethesda, Maryland.   For many of the people who are traveling to Bethesda, this is the first time they are attending the US Open or a golf tournament.

Before you get to the course this weekend or plan your future trip, here are a few suggestions on how to spend your day at the US Open.

  1. Arrive Early - Each round begins early in the morning and concludes in the early evening.  There are so many golfers participating in the US Open that it becomes difficult to see everyone.  To make sure you see the players you want to watch, get to the course early and schedule your day.
  2. Walk the Course - It's not a bad idea to stay at one hole to be able to see every golfer. However, the course consists of 18 holes, with each one having a different characteristic from the other.  For part of the day, maybe you can find a spot behind the tee, middle of the fairway, or by the green.  You should do those at a different spots at the course.
  3. Upgrade Your Tickets - There are two different types of US Open Golf Tickets.  The first type is the general Grounds Pass.  This provides you access to the entire grounds during your selected round.  You will have access to Grandstand seating, however, it is on a first come, first serve basis.The second type of ticket is a Trophy Club Pass.  In addition to having access to the grounds, you will have access to the Trophy Club Hospitality area.  The Trophy Club is located near certain holes and is a private, indoor air-conditioned tent.  After you been out at the course for an extended time, you can relax, purchase your food and drinks, and sit down & watch the current coverage of the tournament on the plethora of TV's.

Start planning your trip to the Olympic Club in San Francisco, home of the 2012 US Open Tournament.  The dates of the US Open Tournament are June 11-17, 2012

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