Thinking about that Chicago Bears 'Super Bowl Package'?

If you live in Chicago (as we do here at Sports Traveler) you know the story already... The Chicago Bears are 5-0 and look to be serious contenders for a trip to the NFL Playoffs and who knows, maybe even Super Bowl XLI in Miami. Bears fans are already dreaming of the warm sun on the beaches of Miami and dancing the nights away in the hot clubs on South Beach while the rest of Chicago is freezing to death back home in early February.

In a perfect world, a fan would be able to book the entire Super Bowl trip, the flights, the hotel, the extremely overpriced ticket, the works, and if the Bears for some reason become the Bearly's, simply cancel the entire thing and go back to planning that Spring Training trip to see the Cubs in Mesa. Unfortunately, Super Bowl Trips don't work that way. It's you buy, you're going.

I've spent the greater part of the last 3 weeks trying to explain this to everyone from the local media to our valued clients in Chicagoland. Super Bowl trips just can't be pre-purchased for several reasons. First there is the hotel. Suppliers that list their packages with us here at have to pay for all the hotel rooms well in advance of even the Playoffs. Imagine selling out all those hotel rooms to Chicago fans only to be stuck with them if the Bears, don't hate me for saying this, don't make it to the Super Bowl! Also, there is no guarantee that other NFL fans would have that same travel passion of all those disapointed Bears fans. It has been 20+ years since the Bears have been to The Big Game and a lot less years for other NFL teams like the New England Patriots or even last year's NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Those fans are still paying off their Super Bowl trips from years past and research shows that fans are less enthusiastic about laying down big dollars for Super Bowl packages if they've already experienced it before.

But there is hope for all the Chicago Bears fans out there.... if you can just hang in there for a couple of more weeks. If the Bears make it to the NFC playoffs (that's in January) Sports Traveler is expecting to offer special "Bears Fans Super Bowl Packages" with fully refundable deposits. If they get eliminated in the playoffs, you get your money back. If they make it all the way to the Big Game, you're going. But you can't back out. If they go, you go.

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