SEC Championship Game History

The SEC Championship has a rich history of great football games and is consistently a showcase for NFL talent.  In fact, the last 7 winners of the SEC Championship have went on to claim the BCS National Championship.

The Future

The national championship landscape will soon be changing with the introduction of the College Football Playoff in 2015.  However, one thing we don't anticipate changing is the dominance displayed by the SEC in college football over the last decade.  SEC fans can look forward to a bright future full of great football.  That will never change as long as Nick Saban and Les Miles are coaching in the SEC.

The Present

The 2013 SEC Championship will take place on December 7, 2013 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.

Alabama (shocking) and Missouri (actually shocking) currently lead their respective SEC division.

The Past

The very first SEC Championship was held in 1992 at Legion Field in Birmingham, AL.  Legion Field only hosted the first two championship games and is currently the home of the UAB Blazers and the Compass Bowl.

The SEC Championship moved to the Georgia Dome in 1994 and has been there ever since.

The SEC is separated into two divisions, the East and West.  The results have been very even through the years.  The East has claimed victory 11 times whereas the West only trails by 1 win.  A win for the West this season could even things up.  Alabama is certainly going to do everything they can to make that a reality.

Fun Facts

Record by team:

1Mississippi State01.000
1South Carolina01.000
  • In 2009, Alabama and Florida participated in the first ever conference championship game that featured 2 undefeated teams.
  • Danny Wuerffel is the only player to win the MVP twice.
  • Only 5 SEC Championship games have been decided by a single digit deficit.
  • Kentucky, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss have yet to make an appearance in the SEC Championship.
  • Arkansas, Mississippi State, and South Carolina have all made an appearance but have yet to register a win.
  • Six SEC Championships featured a rematch of a regular season game.  Only in 2001 was there a different result in the championship game (LSU def Ten).
  • Alabama and Florida have faced each other 7 times.  The most featured match up in any conference championship.
  • The record attendance (83,091) was set at the very first SEC Championship in 1992.
  • The lowest attendance (71,325) was in 1995 when Florida pummeled Arkansas 34-3.
  • The average attendance is 74,858.
  • The SEC Championship game has always featured 2 ranked teams.


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