Planning a Legends of Sports Tour

For the past several years I've been on my own version of a Legends of Music Concert Tour. My goal: to see as many living legendary entertainers as I can while they are still performing. Now I am ready to start my Legends of Sports Tour. I want to see the best players play their game before they retire and become a permanent part of ESPN Classic programming.

So today I have assembled my Top 5 List for my personal Legends of Sports Tour:

1. Brett Favre. Even as a life-long Chicago resident and Bears fan I can't resist watching this guy play. Maybe you've found yourself like me, becoming fascinated with whether or not he will get up every time he gets knocked down. One Super Bowl ring doesn't seem to be enough for him. I think we all admire his drive and passion for the game but his career can't go on forever.

2. Shaquille O'Neal. I can still remember when Shaq came into the NBA in 1992 - geez that was 18 years ago already! Back then I couldn't stand him. Remember Hack-a-Shaq? That was when the NBA was fun! He is now the oldest player in the league and someone that is more a personality than a player, but he still makes my list.

3. Michael Phelps. I'm cheating on this one a little bit because I've already seen Phelps win a Gold Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but I want to see him one last time. I'm pretty sure that the London 2012 Olympics will be his last. He will be remembered as the best in the pool for generations to come.

4. Mike Modano. Can you believe Modano is 40 years old? I met him when I was 19 at the Dr. Pepper Star Center when I was competing in the Midwestern Figure Skating Championships. I got to watch him practice with the Dallas Stars. Seeing him skate and then being able to skate on the same ice later that day left an impression on me as an athlete and fan.  I've followed his career ever since but I've never witnessed him play in an NHL game.

5. Rodger Federer. Scary that I'm saying a 29 year old is a legend isn't it? But tennis is that kind of game where great players seem to vanish before we as fans are ready for them leave. Federer is an incredible player that has broken or matched every possible tennis record. A must-see for any fan of the game.

Ok, so this is my list. I'm sure some of you disagree or maybe you have your own Legends List that you want to share? Let me know and comment on my blog...

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3 thoughts on “Planning a Legends of Sports Tour”

  • Larry

    Favre is WAY old, but still fun to watch. BEAR DOWN!

  • craig kibler

    As a 25 year old i can honestly make a case for Roger Federer being the best athlete of the post jordan era. The only competition he has is Tiger Woods. In my opinion, no one dominated their sport more in during the 5 year time period where Roger was unbeatable.

  • Anbritt

    I could also add Ichiro even though I am not a fan! A great hitter, I will give him that.

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