Phil!!! Why are we in Dallas!?

We love Phil. He's the man. Takes us from city to glorious city without a whisper of a complaint. And up to this point, he has done his job flawlessly...i repeat...until this point. As we left Cleveland and headed east, Phil decided to take a lil detour. He made a sharp right and started to head south...way south! By the time Angelo and I woke up from our naps (yea...we sleep a lot), and realized what was going on...we were in the Big D not the Big Apple. Instead of covering New York and the Giants/Jets, we got the surprising pleasure covering Dallas and the Cowboys. It is quite alright though; it turns out Dallas is an amazing city with tons of things to do! We talked with Tara Green who told us that Dallas has more restauants per capita than any other city in the country (right up my ally!), along with many other things to do and see.

Up next on the itinerary...Tampa Bay, Chicago, Green Bay, Baltimore...but, with Phil in the driver's seat, who knows where we are going to end up!!!

~Big Nick

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