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  • Nothin' Like A Good, Bonecrushing, Take-Your-Head-Off Hit!

    Nothin' Like A Good, Bonecrushing, Take-Your-Head-Off Hit!

    Why do we like football? The deep passes? No. The 3 or 4 yard runs? No way. The crazy fans? Perhaps. The cheerleaders? Well, maybe. The big hits? Hell yea! Here is 3 mins. of some of the best football hits you...
    October 2, 2006More
  • Phil!!! Why are we in Dallas!?

    Phil!!! Why are we in Dallas!?

    We love Phil. He's the man. Takes us from city to glorious city without a whisper of a complaint. And up to this point, he has done his job flawlessly...i repeat...until this point. As we left Cleveland and headed east,...
    October 2, 2006More
  • Rugby anyone?

    Rugby anyone?

      In this perticular video, you see the "All Blacks", a New Zealand rugby team, doing the "haka."  The haka,  aparently is a native dance of New Zealand that many rugby teams do, but the All Blacks are famous for.  ...
    September 25, 2006More
  • Virtual Road Trip Wrap-up

    Virtual Road Trip Wrap-up

    This NFL Road Trip has been a blast so far! We started out in 'Nawlins', had some gumbo, talked about the Saints and had an aweome time. Then Angelo and I headed just northeast to Charlotte, North Carolina. We met with...
    September 25, 2006More
  • Look at us now!

    Look at us now!

    Hey STR fans (present and future),  So we started our podcast a couple months ago, and I thought THAT was cool, but look at us now!  We have a blog!  I'm not completely sure I know what a "blog" is exactly, but is pretty...
    September 25, 2006More

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