Nick and Angelo's Virtual Road Trip heads to Chicago

Sports Traveler has been getting calls from Chicago Bears Fan's all week long since they went 4-0 on Sunday night. I was interviewed twice in the last 2 week's for local newspapers about "Super Bowl Fever" here in the city of Chicago. (See my interview with the Daily Herald) Only 4 games in but we are optimistic folks for a Super Bowl team here in Chi-Town. We've had such a crush of Bear's fans calling about planning trips for upcoming games that we switched up this week's podcast for the 'Virtual' NFL Road Trip from Tampa to Chicago. Sorry Buc's fans but you will have to wait another week for our road show from Tampa.

If you don't already know, Sports Traveler is based here in Chicago. Our entire staff is born and raised here and we are all Bears fans. I love living in Chicago. I hope this podcast is able to express just how great of a city it is to visit. We were able to get a wonderful interview with Penny Brown at the City of Chicago Office of Tourism. A big Sports Traveler staff Thank You to everyone at the City of Chicago. Something you should know, Chicago is one of the most tourist friendly places on earth to visit. They will do anything for you down at the Office of Tourism from helping you find a great dining choice to giving you a free tour of any landmark you want. It's nice to have some friends when you set out on a trip to a new place, especially a big city... the Office of Tourism is your friend when you are here in Chicago.

Hope you enjoy this podcast...
STR Presents: Nick and Angelo's 'Virtual' NFL Road Trip - Week #5 CHICAGO

-Anbritt Stengele
Sports Traveler

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