Early Bird BCS Bowl Game Packages

Sports Traveler has all the College Football BCS Packages available.  Choose from the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or BCS National Championship Game.  This year we'll see the best BCS games in recent memory.

The first BCS standings came out this week and Texas, Alabama, and Penn State are your top 3 teams.  Including Texas, there are four teams from the Big 12 South who are in the top 8 in the BCS Standings.  Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma are all legitimate contenders.  Since these teams are in the same division, only one can qualify for the Big 12 Championship.  The winner of the conference clinches a BCS Berth and how the season is progressing, one of these 4 teams will be in the National Championship.

Is the Big 12 now better than the SEC?  Can we see Utah & Boise State make another BCS berth? If Penn State wins the National Championship, will will be saying goodbye to Joe Paterno?  Only time will tell us these answers.  Stay tuned for more up to date college football news


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