Dallas Packages selling out quickly

This the last year for the Dallas Cowboys to play at Texas Stadium and fans from around the world are making their last pilgrimage to see this historic football field. Packages are selling faster than ever and will soon be completely sold out.

Did you know that Sports Traveler was founded after I went to my very first NFL game in 1998 at Texas Stadium? I had such a great experience at that stadium that it inspired me to want to create a website just for traveling fans like myself. I will never forgot going into the locker room while on the Texas Stadium Tour and being able to sit in the lockers of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin. Or seeing the Cowboys take the field and watching Troy throw to Irvin and catch a touchdown right in front of me. I still remember my seats.. 9 rows off the field. I was with my grandmother at that game. She was in her 80's at that time and she stood the entire game cheering. She was a life long Cowboys fan. I kept saying 'Grandma, aren't you tired of standing' and she kept saying 'Nope, I want to make sure they win!'

Great memories.... I will miss the old Texas Stadium, looking up at the big hole in the roof, the Cowgirls, the Ring of Honor with all the names of the legendary Cowboys players over the years. There really isn't a bad seat in the house.

I hope you can join us in Dallas this year to make your own Texas Stadium memory with your family.

Visit our Dallas Cowboys page and check out the information on how to get there.

Do you have a Texas Stadium memory too? Post it and let us know.

- anbritt

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