2013 Dallas Cowboys Home & Road Schedule

Every year we look at the NFL schedule and wonder how well our team can fair.  Who do we play on the road?  Who do we play at home?  These are the questions we ask ourselves when analyzing the strength of schedule.  The schedule always comes out in April and then we wait to analyze again before the season starts.  Major injuries happen every year during the preseason so we have to wait see how those play out.

Well ladies and gentlemen the wait is almost over.  The 2013 NFL schedule will begin in Denver on Thursday, September 5th with a rematch of the Divisional Playoff game between the Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.  I think we can all agree that is a good match-up to kick off the NFL season.  Though by that point we will all be so football crazed that any regular season gridiron action will suffice.

But not just any football play will do in Arlington, TX this year.  2010 was the last playoff appearance for the Dallas Cowboys and they haven't been the NFC Championship game since they won the Super Bowl in 1996.  The pressure and expectations are high in Dallas every year but it seems to get worse every year that Tony Romo is at QB.  Regardless of where you sit in the Romo argument, it is clear that the Cowboys window to win is now.  Changes in defensive scheme, coaching, and the roster has people wondering what is ahead in 2013.  Right now the path is unclear but we can take a look at the Dallas Cowboys NFL Schedule for 2013 and try to decipher the upcoming season and what Cowboys fans can look forward to.

2013 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

September 8vs. New York Giants8:30 PM - NBC
September 15@ Kansas City Chiefs1:00 PM - FOX
September 22vs. St. Louis Rams1:00 PM - FOX
September 29@ San Diego Chargers4:25 PM - FOX
October 6vs. Denver Broncos4:25 PM - CBS
October 13vs. Washington Redskins8:30 PM - NBC
October 20@ Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PM - FOX
October 27@ Detroit Lions1:00 PM - FOX
November 3vs. Minnesota Vikings1:00 PM - FOX
November 10@ New Orleans Saints8:30 PM - NBC
November 24@ New York Giants4:25 PM - FOX
November 28vs. Oakland Raiders4:30 PM - CBS
December 9@ Chicago Bears8:30 PM - ESPN
December 15vs. Green Bay Packers4:25 PM - FOX
December 22@ Washington Redskins1:00 PM - FOX
December 29vs. Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PM - FOX

Well there you have it.  The 2013 Dallas Cowboys schedule for the upcoming NFL season.  We can leave the division games aside because those are a given every year.  I always look at the non-division road games first.  So Chiefs, Chargers, Lions, Saints, & Bears.  The Saints & Bears game create the most concern but I think it is hard to gauge either of those teams right now.  Bears have a whole new coaching staff and the Saints are coming off their bizarre year of suspensions.  The Cowboys can easily win 3 of those 5 away games.

Non-division home games are a little tougher.  It starts light against the Rams but then its the Broncos, Vikings, Raiders, and then the Packers.  I think 3 wins would be good from this group of games.

Then there are the division games.  This division will be very tight with the Eagles most likely at the bottom but every team should be competitive.  If the Cowboys split their division games they are probably looking at a 9-11 win season.  I think 10 wins will get them a playoff spot and 11 will probably win the division.  The Cowboys do have a tough schedule but I also think they have the talent to win more than lose.  Either way there are some really intriguing games this season both on the road and at home.  I can't wait to get this show started!


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