College Football = FREE GAS

While reserving a college football package, Sports Traveler will also include a free $20 gas gift card.  Rather if you are buying a Rose Bowl or SEC Championship Package, this gift card will be included for you.  You can use this card when you're traveling to the big game or to drive to your friend's house to let them know that their team lost!!

Penn State BCS Championship Packages are now available to follow the Nittany Lions to Miami.  These packages include chartered roundtrip airfare options from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg to Miami.  Also, you will receive deluxe hotel accommodations in Miami, BCS Championship game tickets, police escorted game day transfers, pre-game hospitality party, and more. 

You can book your Penn State package with a $200 fully refundable deposit.  If Penn State does not qualify for the National Championship game, you  will receive the full amount of your deposit. 

After a thrilling last second (literally) victory over Texas, the Texas Tech Raiders are now the number two team in the country, according to the BCS Standings.  The Alabama Crimson Tide have moved up to the #1 spot.  If Penn State will win out the rest of the season, I see them definately going to the National Championship.  Texas Tech and Alabama have too tough of a schedule for the rest of the year.  With one loss by either team, Penn State moves up.

I will be back next week to talk about the latest college football news.


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