Brett vs. the Saints, Jets at Indy - Super Bowl Teams to be decided!

To anyone that thinks 40 is old, I think Brett Favre has proved you wrong. He has also taken away every 39 year old and under's "I'm getting too old" excuse forever. Instead he is one game away from another trip to the Super Bowl!

In Sunday's game Favre put on a passing clinic for the world to watch. Now Brett and the Minnesota Vikings will take on the New Orleans Saints in what should be a great NFC Championship. If you have never traveled to New Orleans before THIS is the game to attend. Sports Traveler loves New Orleans and we have a great package with game tickets and more.

The AFC will feature the amazing New York Jets taking on Payton Manning and his high powered Indianapolis Colts at the great Lucus Oil Field in Indy. An awesome stadium in a great little sports city. I love Indianapolis. It's a fun town with awesome fans and the new stadium is a must see on your list of top NFL fields to visit. Check out our AFC Championship tickets and travel options designed to get you close to the stadium and to the game with ease.

Now is the time to start Pre-ordering your Super Bowl Packages. For just a $150 fully refundable deposit you can lock in your trip to the 2010 Miami Super Bowl. If you team loses, no worries... you get your money back. If your team wins, your set to go. Book now and save yourself the phone call after your team clinches on Sunday.

- anbritt

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