Best Kentucky Derby Hats to buy online


Ok ladies, one week to go before the 2015 Kentucky Derby and many of you are in "Hat Panic". There is only one thing more important that your Kentucky Derby Ticket  if you are a lady and that is your Kentucky Derby Hat. But finding the right kind of hat can be impossible, especially if you don't live in the state of Kentucky. Below are my top picks for Derby Worthy Hats that can be bought online - and are available for Rush Delivery!


Uno Alla Volta:

I love these simple designs that will look good on nearly every lady. These are my fav's:

"The Minetta": $180.00 USD
I think this is the ultimate in Derby Hat Glamor. It's elegant and a true show-stopper hat.

The Minetta Kentucky Derby Hat


"The Leslie" of New York: $120.00 USD
It's simple, red, black, and white. Plus who doesn't love the red roses on the side? This is the perfect Run for the Roses hat!

The Leslie Kentucky Derby Hat


"The Marina": $180.00 USD
This one is for the brave! A beautiful straw sunhat with one big pink flower!

The Marina Kentucky Derby Hat


Midnight Velvet:

The Zoi Feather Hat by Betmar: $49.95 USD
I love this classic look and the price! I think it will look good on almost everyone and the simple colors will compliment most skin tones.

Zoi Kentucky Derby Hat


The Shantung Lampshade Hat: $74.95 USD
This hat is an excellent blank canvas choice. The price and color of this hat allows you the option to dress the hat up with additional flowers, ribbons or bows.  But not everyone can pull off the "lampshade" style.

Shantung Lampshade Kentucky Derby Hat



The Leaha Hat: $89.95
I love this pink hat. It would look great with a suit or even a print dress.

Leah Kentucky Derby Hat



I hope you enjoy my Kentucky Derby Hat picks. Please let me know if you have any other online retailer suggestions for Derby worthy hats.

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