AFC & NFC Championship Weekend

I was really hoping that my predictions would hold on last weekend but I ended up at .500 after going 2 out of 4.  The good news I am still 6-2 in the 2013 playoffs so I can at least hang my hat on that for another day or so.  Last weekend was one of the best playoff weekends that I can remember in a while.  The Patriots and Texans game was the only one that wasn't up to playoff excitement standards.  The outcome of that game was pretty clear from the first quarter on.  The Texans just didn't have enough to beat New England at home.  It just seems like the Patriots have this whole football thing figured out.

Before I get to this week's games I do want to review the other 3 games briefly.  The Broncos and Ravens game was great and I like seeing Ray Lewis continue his swan song but that was ridiculous.  The Broncos flat gave that game away and it was hard for me to see Peyton Manning contribute so much to a loss.  Manning will receive a ton of MVP votes this season and had an amazing season this year but he kinda choked at the end.  Sad to seem him struggle in the clutch like that.

I will say that I am not shocked that San Francisco took down the Packers with ease, but I expected the Packers to win this game as noted in last week's predictions.  The Niners are the most complete team now and have been throughout the season so it isn't an upset by any means.  However, I just thought the bravado of Rodgers and the other great talents would out last the slightly less experienced 49ers.  I was wrong and now I'm thinking that they will be the Super Bowl favorite for many.

The Niners' division rival almost pulled off an incredible comeback in the Seahawks match-up with the Atlanta Falcons.  I think the Falcons are clearly the better team but Seattle caught them sleeping in the closing 20 minutes of that game.  I think the Seahawks and Russell Wilson are here to stay as competitors and this loss should only be more motivation for the young QB.  The Falcons flirted with disaster and a loss in that game might have brought about some changes in the organization.  There is just way too much talent on that team to allow something like that happen at home.

The Time Is Now

Only 2 games remain until the Super Bowl XLVII match-up is completely set.  Who will meet in New Orleans?

Championship - Sunday, January 20

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons
Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA
3:00 PM (ET) on FOX

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium - Foxborough, MA
6:30 PM (ET) on CBS

I had come to this conclusion a little bit earlier in the year but you never know how things are going to turn out.  My picks to make Super Bowl XLVII are the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.  I think that the 49ers are the best team in the NFL and that will help them beat a pretty good Falcons team on the road.  And I feel like I don't even need to offer an explanation for my Patriots pick.  I mean c'mon.  Its Belichick, its Brady, its 5 Super Bowl appearances, its pretty much a given.  "Its the pancake breakfast.  We do it every month".  Or in the Patriots case, its the Super Bowl... we do it every year.

Enjoy the games this Sunday!  I will check back in with the NFL during the week of the Super Bowl.

Written By: Craig Kibler

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