A Few things on my mind...

Ok, I have a few thoughts on some things going on in the world of Sports. 

1.  Urlacher was born to play middle linebacker...for the Bears.  
       The man is an outright beast.  He single handedly beat the Arizona Cardinals...in one  quarter!  25 tackles, blocked passes, forced fumbles...B-Lock (as I like to call him) would not be alive if he were not playing MLB for Da Bears!  How the hell does he NOT win the defensive player of the week?  Some no tallent *** clown in Detroit wins it, while BU goes ahead and has one of the best games a Chicago athlete has ever had.  I put this one up there with Jordan's flu game, Sayer's 6 touchdown game in the 60's, and Jordans 6 3 pointer in one half.  Urlacher...I salute you!  Not to mention Denny Green's post-game presser......I'd be pissed off too if I had to play the Bears.

2.  Did Mr. Rodgers cheat?!
     No.  Well, maybe.  It sure looks like it.  What's on his hand?  Looks like pine tar.  Kenny...I do not like you, lets get this clear.  I thought you are a classless POS after you hit that camera man.  You redeemed yourself with a great year, and a great post season.  If that was pine tar, you should have been ejected and suspended for the rest of the Series.
 WireImage.com/US PRESSWIRE Tony LaRussa...you should have made a bigger fuss about it.  Umpires, you should have inspected his hand, not just make him wash it!  This just looks like another example of the MLB trying to playdown something that would have given them a lot of bad pub.  Mr. Rodgers...you are now dubbed "Kenny "OJ" Rodgers"  You just got away with baseball murder.

3.  It wasn't Bill Buckner's fault...IT WAS THE CUBS'!
       Did anyone else see the article on ESPN about Bill Buckner.  Get this!  As everyone knows, good ol' Billy used to play for the dreadful Chicago Cubs back in the day.  As if that wasn't bad enough, he made one gigantic mistake.  Mr. Buckner kept a little suveinier from his days in the Windy City.  Unbeknonst to many, William Buckner was wearing A CHICAGO CUBS BATTING GLOVE...
AP photo
...under his 1st baseman's mit in the WS when he missed the ground ball.  That just goes to show that he had not one curse working against him, but two!  He had the weight of the whole Boston AND Chicago curses weighing down on him that fateful day.  Billy...it wasn't your fault, man.  You didn't stand a chance.

4.  What's with the NBA's new balls?
NBA Basketball
I'm all for change.  I like 'em.  That's it.

5. Merriman on The Juice
     Ohhhhh mannnn!!!  I really liked this guy, i really did.  He was one of the guys would be would be battling for second place in D player of the year voting (behind Brian Urlacher, of course).  I even had San Diego's defense on my fantasy team!  Sean...you are a disapointment to me, my fantasy team, San Diego, and the rest of the NFL.  A young player like yourself should not be in this already.  You have so much potential...no...you have already fulfilled that potential and have just flushed it all down the proverbial crapper.  You will always be looked at with a suspicious eye, and I can only hope you either that you get off the 'roids, do not shrivel up, and continue to be the dominating linebacker you are.  Sean, good luck, son, you have a long road ahead.


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