2013 NFL Hall of Fame Game: Season Starts Now

2013 NFL Hall of Fame Game

Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins
August 4, 2013 - Canton, OH

The start of the 2013 NFL season is upon us.  Seems like just yesterday that Rahim Moore blew the coverage on Jacoby Jones and the Ravens used a game tying touchdown as the momentum they needed to win the Super Bowl. Oh the memories.  Well now its time to make some new memories.

Sure the regular season is still a month away but in many ways the season will begin this weekend in Canton at the NFL Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame Game will be our first look at the helmet cracking action we have all missed over the last several months.  The HOF Game is just another preseason game but this is when the routine of the regular season will kick in for most teams.

This year we get the pleasure of watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.  We probably won't see much play from the starters but this is a great chance for new players to get acclimated with their teammates and coaches during actual game situations.

Some coaches look at the Hall of Fame Game as an extra opportunity to a get a look at some guys that won't see much playing time moving forward.  So in some aspects there is an advantage to playing in the Hall of Fame Game.  However, it is an earlier start for these 2 teams and that can make the preseason drag on for veterans.

What we will learn from Hall of Fame Weekend

The football game won't be much to watch.  It will be great to see football again but 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stringers will make their way into the game pretty early.  As a fan I'm just excited that competitive professional football is back in action and the NFL regular season will start in 1 month.

In wardrobe news, the Miami Dolphins have new uniforms this year.  Lets just say the jersey and logo don't remind me of a football team.  It seems like they have been taking design advice from the Miami Marlins.   Remember the helmet on the Dolphin's logo?  Yeah well that's gone.  It looks more like a logo on a shirt you would buy at Sea World.

The highlight of the Hall of Fame Weekend will be the induction of Larry Allen, Curley Culp, Chris Carter, Warren Sapp, Bill Parcells, Jonathon Ogden, & Dave Robinson.

The Cowboys will in essence have 2 representatives in the Hall of Fame Class of 2013.  Larry Allen and Bill Parcells have both been an employee of Jerry Jones Inc.  Parcells' stint in Dallas did not include a Super Bowl victory but he was instrumental in bringing back a winning culture to Big D.

Larry Allen of course was a big part of the Super Bowl XXX victory and one of the most freakish athletes in the history of the NFL.  Larry Allen truly was a beast and deserves all the praise and accomplishment that comes with a Hall of Fame induction.

Congrats to the Hall of Fame Class of 2013.  All of the inductees will an receive an honor that they have worked hard for.  The 2013 Class is a pretty good one.  But who is the best?  Which member of this class had the best career?

I think it is a close call between Ogden and Carter.  Both players were tremendous at their respective positions.  I find it hard not to give it to Carter because he played a skill position but you can never underestimate how great Jonathon Ogden was.

I'll take the easy route and go with coach Parcells.  He brought 4 different teams to the postseason and took 3 of those teams the conference championship.  He then capitalized on two of those appearances with a Super Bowl victory.  Both came with the New York Giants.

Enjoy the game and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and commentary during the first football contest this season!


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