2014 Brazil World Cup
City: Sao Paulo
Stadium: Arena do Palmeiras


The City

Sao Paulo is the business capital of Brazil, and with a population over 11 million it is no surprise that it is also the largest city in Brazil. The South American city is the sixth largest city on earth and the influence of this fabulous city is not absent in the rest of the world. The work nature of the city has brought in many immigrants over time and that has led to the city housing over 100 different ethnicities. Furthermore, this massive metropolis is home to many cultural attractions including the Latin American Memorial and the Sao Paulo Museum of Art. If you are a food lover the cuisine in Sao Paulo is various and plentiful. Enjoy as the wonderful aromas of 12,000 restaurants fill the air.

The Venue

The largest city in the 2014 Brazil World Cup will host matches in its newest stadium the Arena do Palmeiras. The fascinating new venue will seat 45,000 people for soccer games and up to 60,000 people for other events. It will also fully satisfy, public transportation, safety, accessibility, and media needs. The new stadium will feature four restaurants, including one offering a panoramic view of the field. The arena will be attempt to be more "green" by developing and incorporating sustainability projects. These projects will attempt to manage the use and reuse of things like water and electricity.



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